Rune Dahl Fitjar

Pro-rector for Innovation and Society
University of Stavanger
N-4036 Stavanger

Professor of Innovation Studies
UiS Business School
Centre for Innovation Research
University of Stavanger

Tel.: (+47) 51 83 15 62

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The Rise of Regionalism: Causes of Regional Mobilization in Western Europe
London and New York: Routledge, 2009
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Politikk for innovative regioner
Oslo: Cappelen Damm Akademisk, 2016
with Arne Isaksen and Jon P. Knudsen

Innovation Drivers and Regional Innovation Strategies
London and New York: Routledge, 2016
with Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Davide Parrilli
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One or All Channels for Knowledge Exchange in Clusters? Collaboration, Monitoring and Recruitment Networks in the Subsea Industry in Rogaland, Norway
with Nina Hjertvikrem, Industry and Innovation. Published online 2020. DOI: 10.1080/13662716.2020.1772043

Where Cities Fail to Triumph: The Impact of Urban Location and Local Collaboration on Innovation in Norway
with Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Journal of Regional Science, 60 (1): 5-32.

Does Combining Different Types of Collaboration Always Benefit Firms? Collaboration, Complementarity and Product Innovation in Norway
with Silje Haus-Reve and Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Research Policy, 48 (6): 1476-1486. 2019.
PDF from PEEG (draft version)

Relatedness and the Resource Curse: Is There a Liability of Relatedness?
Bram Timmermans, Economic Geography, 95 (3): 231-255. 2019.
PDF from PEEG (draft version)

Towards Regional Responsible Research and Innovation? Integrating RRI and RIS3 in European Innovation Policy
with Paul Benneworth and Bjřrn Asheim, Science and Public Policy, 46 (5): 772-783. 2019.

Unrequited Metropolitan Mergers: Suburban Rejection of Cities in the Norwegian Municipal Reform
Territory, Politics, Governance, forthcoming. Published online 2019. DOI: 10.1080/21622671.2019.1602076
PDF from RePEc (draft version)

Innovation Networks and Green Restructuring: Which Path Development can EU Framework Programmes Stimulate in Norway?
with Giuseppe Calignano and Nina Hjertvikrem, Norwegian Journal of Geography, 73 (1): 65-78. 2019.

Decentralisation, Quality of Government and Economic Growth in the Regions of the EU
with Jonathan Muringani and Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Revista de Economía Mundial, 51: 25-50. 2019.

Contextualizing the Role of Universities to Regional Development: Introduction to the Special Issue
with Paul Benneworth, Regional Studies, Regional Science, 6 (1): 331-338. 2019.

Why do Firms Collaborate with Local Universities?
with Martin Gjelsvik, Regional Studies, 52 (11): 1525-1536. 2018.
PDF from PEEG (draft version)

The Core in the Periphery? The Cluster Organisation as the Central Node in the Apulian Aerospace District
with Giuseppe Calignano and Dieter Kogler, Regional Studies, 52 (11): 1490-1501. 2018.
PDF from PEEG (draft version)

Foreign Workers are Associated with Innovation, but Why? International Networks as a Mechanism
with Marte C. W. Solheim, International Regional Science Review, 41 (3): 311-334. 2018.

Samanhengar mellom utanlandskfřdd arbeidskraft og innovasjon: er det kjřnnsmessige og geografiske skilnader?
with Marte C. W. Solheim, Sřkelys pĺ arbeidslivet, 35 (3): 171-185. 2018.

Nothing is in the Air
with Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Growth and Change, 48 (1): 22-39. 2017.
PDF from PEEG (draft version)

Strengthening Relationships in Clusters: How Effective is an Indirect Policy Measure Carried Out in a Peripheral Technology District?
Giuseppe Calignano, Annals of Regional Science, 59 (1): 139-169. 2017.

Regional Skill Relatedness: Towards a New Measure of Regional Related Diversification
Bram Timmermans, European Planning Studies, 25 (3): 516-538. 2017.

Omstilling i Stavangerregionen og Forus nćringspark mellom markeder og politiske planprosesser
with Ragnar Tveterĺs, John-Erik Rřrheim, Martin Gjelsvik and Bjřrn Terje Asheim, Samfunnsřkonomen, 131 (2): 66-76. 2017.

Not too Close, Not too Far: Testing the Goldilocks Principle of ‘Optimal’ Distance in Innovation Networks
with Franz Huber and Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Industry and Innovation, 23 (6): 465-487. 2016.
PDF from PEEG (draft version)

Hooked Up to the International Artistic Community: External Linkages, Absorptive Capacity and Exporting by Small, Creative Firms
with Kari Jřsendal, Creative Industries Journal, 9 (1): 29-46. 2016.

Networking, Context and Firm-Level Innovation: Cooperation through the Regional Filter in Norway
with Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Geoforum, 63 (1): 25-35. 2015.

Interaction and Innovation across Different Sectors: Findings from Norwegian City Regions
with Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Regional Studies, 49 (5): 818-833. 2015.

Global Pipelines for Innovation: Insights from the Case of Norway
with Franz Huber, Journal of Economic Geography, 15 (3): 561-583. 2015.

The Geographical Dimension of Innovation Collaboration: Networking and Innovation in Norway
with Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Urban Studies, 51 (12): 2572-2595. 2014.

Skottland - fra unionisme til uavhengighetsavstemning
[Scotland - from Unionism to Independence Referendum]
Norsk statsvitenskapelig tidsskrift. 30 (1): 28-51. 2014.

Organizing Product Innovation: Hierarchy, Market or Triple-Helix Networks?
with Martin Gjelsvik and Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Triple Helix: A Journal of University-Industry-Government Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 1 (1). 2014.

Firm Collaboration and Modes of Innovation in Norway
with Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Research Policy, 42 (1): 128-138. 2013.
PDF from RePEc (draft version)

Region-building in the Arctic Periphery: The Discursive Construction of a Petroleum Region
Geografiska Annaler: Series B, Human Geography, 95 (1): 71-88. 2013.
Link to earlier draft version

Buzz, Archipelago Economies and the Future of Intermediate and Peripheral Areas in a Spiky World
with Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, European Planning Studies, 21 (3): 355-372. 2013.

Europeanisation of Regional Policy-Making: A Boolean Analysis of Norwegian Counties’ Participation in the EU’s Interreg Programme
with Einar Leknes and Janne Thygesen, Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, 31 (3): 381-400. 2013.

The Combined Impact of Managerial and Relational Capabilities on Innovation in Firms
with Martin Gjelsvik and Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Entrepreneurship & Regional Development: An International Journal, 25 (5-6): 500-520. 2013.

European Capitals of Culture – Elitism or Inclusion? The Case of Stavanger2008
with Hilmar Rommetvedt and Christin Berg, International Journal of Cultural Policy, 19 (1): 63-83. 2013.

How Open is Open Innovation
with Martin Gjelsvik and Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Beta: Scandinavian Journal of Business Research, 28 (1): 2-22. 2013.

Innovasjonsnettverk i norske storbyklynger
[Innovation Networks in Norwegian Urban Clusters]
with Martin Gjelsvik, Magma, 7: 73-83. 2012.

When Local Interaction does not Suffice: Sources of Firm Innovation in Urban Norway
with Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Environment and Planning A, 43 (6): 1248-1267. 2011.
Reprinted in André Torre and Frédéric Wallet: Regional Development and Proximity Relations, pp. 195-222. Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar.
PDF from RePEc

Innovating in the Periphery: Firms, Values, and Innovation in Southwest Norway
with Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, European Planning Studies, 19 (4): 555-574. 2011.
PDF from RePEc

Little Big Firms? CSR in Small Businesses that don’t Compete against Big Ones
Business Ethics: A European Review, 20 (1): 30-44. 2011.

Explaining Variation in Sub-State Regional Identities in Western Europe
European Journal of Political Research, 49 (4): 522-544. 2010.

Building Regions on Economic Success: Prosperity and Regionalism in Rogaland
Scandinavian Political Studies, 29 (4): 333-355. 2006.

Measuring Regionalism: Content Analysis and the Case of Rogaland in Norway
Regional and Federal Studies, 15 (1): 59-73. 2005.


Book chapters

Knowledge Bases and Relatedness: A Study of Labour Mobility in Norwegian Regions
Bram Timmermans, New Avenues for Regional Innovation Systems - Theoretical Advances, Empirical Cases and Policy Lessons
Edited by Arne Isaksen, Michaela Trippl and Roman Martin. Springer, 2018, pp. 149-171.
PDF from PEEG (draft version)

Knowledge Networks and Innovation among Subsea Firms
with Nina Hjertvikrem, Petroleum Industy Transformations: Lessons from Norway and Beyond
Edited by Taran Thune, Ole Andreas Engen and Olav Wicken. Routledge, 2018, pp. 58-69.

Beyond Networks in Clusters
with Franz Huber, Handbook on the Geographies of Innovation
Edited by Richard Shearmur, Christophe Carrincazeaux and David Doloreux. Edward Elgar, 2016, pp. 255-265.

Innovation for utvikling i offentlig og privat sektor: Hva er de prinsipielle forskjellene? [Innnovation for Development in the Public and Private Sector: What are the Fundamental Differences?]
Sosial innovasjon: Fra politikk til tjenesteutvikling
Edited by Elisabeth Willumsen and Atle Řdegĺrd. Fagbokforlaget, 2015, pp. 63-84.


Reports and non-reviewed publications

Hvordan kan det offentlige fremme utvikling av nye nćringsomrĺder?
[How can the Government Promote Development of New Industries?]
Report to the Ministry for Local Government and Modernisation, 2018.

Diversity and Beyond for New Path Development
with Bjřrn Asheim, Sverre Herstad and Nina Hjertvikrem. Report to the Research Council of Norway, 2018.

Skill Relatedness in Norway
Bram Timmermans, UiS Working Papers in Economics and Finance, 2015/20.

Regional satsing for mobilisering og kvalifisering til forskningsbasert innovasjon
[Regional policy for mobilisation and qualification for research-based innovation]
with Jens Kristian Fosse, Elisabeth S. Hauge, Arne Isaksen, Stig-Erik Jakobsen, Roger Henning Normann and Bram Timmermans, Agderforskning report no. 5/2015.

Book Review: Det glemte partnerskapet: Norge og Storbritannia i et nytt ĺrhundre
[The Forgotten Partnership: Norway and the United Kingdom in a New Century]
Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning, no. 4, 2013.

EUs Interreg-program har pĺvirket norsk regionalpolitikk
[The EU’s Interreg Programme has Influenced Norwegian Regional Policy]
with Einar Leknes and Janne Thygesen, Plan, 6/2011: 42-48.

Oppfřlgingen av Interreg-prosjekter: En studie av Interreg-prosjektenes betydning for innretningen av norske fylkeskommuners utviklingsarbeid
[Following up Interreg Projects: A Study of the Impact of Interreg Projects on Norwegian Counties’ Development Policies]
with Einar Leknes, Janne Thygesen and Sverre Mauritzen. IRIS report no. 67/2011.

Conceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility: The Clothing Business
with Oluf Langhelle, Bjřrn-Tore Blindheim, Atle Blomgren and Thomas Laudal. IRIS report no. 247/2009.

Book Review: Towards New Nordic Regions: Politics, Administration and Regional Development
Politik 12, 2009.

I hierarkiets skygge: Nye styringsordninger mellom regjeringen og fylkeskommunene
[In the Shadow of Hierarchy: Towards a New Model for Governing the Counties]
with Einar Leknes and Nils Asle Bergsgard.IRIS report no. 239/2008.

Interreg-prosjektenes betydning for norsk regionalpolitikk
[The Effect of Interreg Projects on Regional Policy in Norway]
with Einar Leknes and Anne Solheim. IRIS work note no. 178/2008.



UiS-strategi for en region i omstilling
[UiS Strategy for a Restructuring Region], Rosenkilden, June 2020.

The density and connectedness of cities now appear as weaknesses
LSE Business Review, 9 May 2020.

Nĺr opp blir ned
[When Up Becomes Down], Stavanger Aftenblad, 12 April 2020.

Smart spesialisering i Rogaland
[Smart Specialisation in Rogaland], Rosenkilden, December 2019.

Gi regionene virkemidler for innovasjon og nćringsutvikling!
[Give the Regions Tools for Innovation and Industry Development], Stavanger Aftenblad, 17 December 2019.

Verdiskaping under radaren
[Value Creation under the Radar], Khrono, 30 November 2019.

Innovasjon og verdiskaping - i samarbeid med universitetet?
[Innovation and Value Creation - in Collaboration with the University?], Rosenkilden, May 2019.

Hvordan utenlandskfřdte menn og mangfold bidrar til innovasjon
[How Foreign-born Men and Diversity Contribute to Innovation] with Marte C. W. Solheim, Stavanger Aftenblad, 1 March 2019.

Hĺpet er mřrkeblĺtt
[The Hope is Dark Blue]. Rosenkilden, December 2018.

Urban skattejakt kan utarme distriktene
[Urban Tax Hunt may Deplete Districts] with Ragnar Tveterĺs and Bĺrd Misund, Dagens Nćringsliv, 21 November 2018.

Universitetet mydlĺ det lokala og det globala
[The University between the Local and the Global]. Stavanger Aftenblad, 10 November 2018.

Er innovasjon alltid positivt?
[Is Innovation Always a Good Thing?]. Rosenkilden, May 2018.

Regioner pĺ frammarsj
[Regions on the Rise]. Rosenkilden, December 2017.

Tvilsomt om oppstartsbedrifter
[Questionable about Start-ups] with Bram Timmermans, Dagens Nćringsliv, 9 October 2017.

Oppstartsbedrifter skaper ikke flest jobber
[Start-ups don't Create More Jobs] with Bram Timmermans, Dagens Nćringsliv, 28 September 2017.

Innovasjon - tilfeldige mřter eller planlagte prosesser?
[Innovation: Casual Encounters or Planned Processes?]. Rosenkilden, May 2017.

[The Restructuring Paradox]. Dagens Nćringsliv, 2 January 2017.

Innvandring aukar innovasjonsevna
[Immigration Increases Innovation Ability] with Marte C. W. Solheim, Aftenposten, 15 April 2016.

Purpose-built versus Serendipitous Innovation Links: New Survey Evidence
with Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, VoxEU, 11 April 2016.

Poenget er demokrati og tjenester
[The Point is Democracy and Services] Stavanger Aftenblad, 6 April 2016.

Networking, Context and Firm-Level Innovaton
with Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, VoxEU, 24 June 2015.

Fornuft, fřlelser og kommunesammenslĺing
[Sense, sensibility and municipal mergers]. Minerva, 13 April 2015.

Derfor vil skottene ut av unionen
[Why the Scots Want Out of the Union]. Aftenposten, 12 September 2014.

Nĺr omdřmme overstyrer
[When Reputation Overrides Politics]. Stavanger Aftenblad, 29 November 2013.

Mindre byer i globaliseringens tid
[Smaller Cities in the Age of Globalisation]. Stavanger Aftenblad, 25 September 2012.

Kultur for kulturens skyld
[Culture for Culture's Sake]. Minerva, 27 April 2012.

Selvbildet stemmer ikke
[The Self-Perception is not Correct]. Stavanger Aftenblad, 21 September 2010.

Kultur for innovasjon?
[Culture for Innovation?]. Stavanger Aftenblad, 15 June 2009.

Velstand og regionalisme
[Prosperity and Regionalism]. Stavanger Aftenblad, 10 April 2008.

Det opprřrske Vestlandet?
[Rebellious Western Norway?] Bergens Tidende, 27 March 2008.

Krutt eller rřdfis?
[Sharps or Blanks?] Dagbladet, 25 March 2008.

Skjevhet i norske medier
[Bias in Norwegian Media]. Stavanger Aftenblad, 5 February 2008.

Rogaland mot Oslo og Bergen
[Rogaland against Oslo and Bergen]. Stavanger Aftenblad, 1 August 2007.

Den nye regionalismen
[The New Regionalism]. Stavanger Aftenblad, 11 March 2004.